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      Sir OTW | AMB

      We have dabbled in power exchange since February but just this past week decided to go full Dom/sub-Married (we decided this on Sunday and joined here on Tuesday). On Saturday we had our first intentional scene. To begin I had her come down our basement family room in our velcro cuffs from our under-bed restraint system and nothing else. Had her stand in the middle of the room and we worked through my expectations for posture when we are in dynamic. We worked on one for At Your Service, Waiting, Attention, Kneeling, and Doll. She eagerly went into each position and I modified a couple of them from the common ones online to please me visually.

      After doing that I had lay down with her hands clipped together and told her to keep them over her head. Since this is pretty new to use I started with rubbing her and gently starting some impact play with a paddle and feather tipped crop. As we worked, I checked in with her regularly as we started to go harder. She surprised me by how much she wanted before she said it was on the edge of too much. This included thighs, breasts, and butt.

      In addition, earlier this week I had given her an assignment listing the things she Needed, Wanted, Okay With, Soft Limit, and Hard Limits. She had surprised me by putting being bitten in her “Needed” category. I started out biting gently, using just a little tooth, and asked her to Yellow when it was too much, I kept slowly biting harder and was blown away by how hard she wanted. Not only did she not Yellow on that for a long time but later when I incorporated with more play she writhed and moaned under my bites in a way I would never have expected.

      After working on this for a while and intermixing some oral and toy play we tried out our magic wand again seeing if it would be good for her. In the past it hasn’t done anything for her and has either been just OK. We tried a variety of settings and positions and it did the same thing. We have decided to look for a more rumbly wand for her in the future.

      After that I had her kneel and follow my instructions, warning her not to do anything without my permission, had her please me orally. She enjoyed it and followed every instruction enthusiastically including letting my cum run down her face after which is a soft limit. Next we spent time giving her a fun spanking over my knee during which I sensed she was wearing out physically (she has been fighting a cold) so I cut that short and had her lay back where I could please her orally and tease her clit with her favorite toy.

      Mind you, this past week we have done something every day and generally she would be too sensitive to go again as she did this night, but she was more than ready (hopefully a sign of things to come. After a couple interruptions (nightmare for the 4 year old upstairs), I filled her with my fingers while using the vibe to push her to a as she put it a great orgasm.

      I immediately covered her with a blanket while taking care of the kids again and came back down and snuggled with her. Once she was recovered some I asked her if she needed any food or liquid and she asked for chocolate milk. We enjoyed a glass together and talked about the scene, what she liked and what needed improved. She really enjoyed the variety of activities and the biting. She liked the impact play but wanted more variety and not so rhythmic. Where she really surprised me was the verbal feedback. She asked me in the future to let her know I loved her before and after but not during the scene and also to not use please but to command forcefully.

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      Mr. K sir

      Mr. OTW,

      It sounds like you had a very successful first scene. The feed back you recieved is invaluable and I am sure many of us have recieved very similar feed back. I know I was told not to ask and be more forceful in my instructions when we started out. It takes some time to get use to but trust me you will feel right at home doing it in time. Again congratulations on your first scene.

      Mr. K sir

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      Sir OTW | AMB

      Appreciate the feedback Mr. K.

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