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      Mr Slater

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      ** If nothing else please read the note at the end of this post for what I think is an important message **

      Well after a somewhat important and interesting week we had our first “scheduled” scene last evening (Sunday). For those of you that read my introduction you will already be familiar with at what point my princess (that’s what we agree on how I would address her in private and she would address me as Sir) are at in our journey, just starting. Wednesday morning I reconfirmed everything with her if she wanted to continue to explore this lifestyle, to which she whole hearted agreed. Giving everything I have read on here and researching things out I had sent her an email while she was working on Thursday morning. It was a Royal Invitation for “My Princess”. It was in an invitation format listing Who, When, Where, Attire, Accessories, and RSVP via email. Then I went on to explain that if she planned to attend to be wearing her leather wrist & ankle cuffs and collar along with thigh high stockings, her garter belt, and her blindfold. Also that she was to be standing at the base of the bed with all the above on and her head down. Then the next paragraph explained “Things to expect”. That at a certain time music would start and she would be able to hear me preparing the items. Then I would cover her ears with earmuff style headphones, but no music so hearing was extremely limited if at all. I then cuff her hands behind her and I started with different sensory items in various areas mixing up the places and timing. Watching her body react and her breathing become heavier was fantastic. I also incorporated her favorite wand at times and the addition of vibrating nipple clamps that she wanted to get Saturday at the Adult Store (we had gone for only one item, but she asked kindly for two other items that will only help me in the future). Then I continued by placing her on the bed and removing the headphones so she could hear the music, my commands, and reply properly. I did a lot of improvising from what I pictured and planned based on what I could tell from her reactions, but I expected that it would go 100% as planned. I didn’t want it to turn into just any sex session so near the end I had her on laying back with her wrists and ankles cuffed (and she was still blindfolded). At which time I did utilize a lot of her favorite toys on her not only teasing and denying her at times, but making sure she asked before her climaxes and addressed me as Sir (which for the first time she did very well, with me only having to ask her “what” at few times and she corrected it quickly). To finish I un-cuffed her and let her take off her blindfold, I then gave her a minimum time to give me oral then if she was a good girl she could climb on top. Like I mentioned things didn’t go exactly as planned but I improvised and continued. She knew her role and the basics for three days and I saw that she was re-reading the email Sunday morning to know what to expect and she didn’t protest or question any step. Laying in bed afterwards and I did some minor questioning of the scene. I told her why I had to ask and she was pretty good at explaining things…so not bad for a first attempt.

      ** Weeks ago I had my wife (Princess) message me what she “Would & Wouldn’t Do”, just an informal list. Well, while trying to plan this Saturday night I Googled and printed off a BDSM Checklist (6 pages) and had her fill it out. It was a good thing I did because in the beginning I had planned on using ice cubes while she was blindfolded. Well one of the things on the checklist was about ice cubes and she answered, “No Experience/No Interest” and in another column “0 for Hard Limit”. So it’s a good thing I saw that before Sunday evening and it didn’t ruin our first attempt at a scene. On the flipside of that, I did read some answers that surprised me and are worth exploring. I didn’t really like this checklist so I printed another multipage one today and told her we would fill it out together to avoid any confusion. I think she’s excited about that?

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      Thanks for this, I found it very useful. I’m interested in the idea of ‘scenes’ but I think I’m going to begin by simply incorporating some of the things in which my wife has expressed an interest into our regular sessions. Filling out a questionnaire together sounds like a lot of fun though!

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      We did a questionnaire together once when we started and a more thorough one more recently. It is very helpful as you can have Slater’s experience by discovering hard limits you didn’t expect but also can find interests you would never have thought of. We will probably review our list quarterly to make sure nothing has shifted.

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