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    Are you ever concerned about what would happen if you or your submissive were to become incapacitated during a scene and she was bound? What precautions do you take when you have your submissive in these positions?

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    Safety is of paramount concern especially when doing bondage. Your partner should never be left unattended when bound and circulation should be checked often in tied/restricted limbs. If they are gagged (I prefer a cleave gag when tying as opposed to a ball or spider. It matches the aesthetics more) then have non-verbal signals worked out as a way for them to be able to communicate that something is too uncomfortable or wrong. Always have on hand a pair of safety shears or something to cut rope if necessary in an emergency.

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    Basic | Dominant

    I have always a bandage scissor at hand. With this I can cut trough any ropes or leather restraints I have used. I know CPR, not that I want to use it, but it is a insurance.

    Else as Lupo says check for circulations.

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    I realize this is an old post but wanted to chime in.

    I can’t emphasize enough, safety is paramount, just like Lupo stated. Partners should never be left unattended or unobserved, and you should never be more than a couple of steps away from them. Know the signs of nerve damage and listen to your partner if they start complaining of numbness. Watch your partner for their signs of fatigue, stress or duress. I always have a safety knife hook with me. I prefer the safety hook to medical sheers, a personal preference, as it allows me to slide the knife under rope quickly and cut rope and restraints easily with one pull, as opposed to cutting. Don’t get me wrong both work fabulously, mine is just preference. I also wear mine when doing bondage, that way I know where it is at all times. Also, one thing I always do now when planning out a bondage scene is to look for the critical points and prioritize those to be cut first. I do this before any bondage takes place. For example if I am tying rope around a neck, arm pits, primary nerves, behind the knees, across hips or main arteries, those will be the first points I cut, then awkward positions such has hands and arms behind back or leg tied in a kneeling position.

    I am trained in CPR as well and I always have a small kit of smelling salts, aspirin and ice packs on hand in case. I’ve never had to use it but it’s better to be safe.

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     BigOne1960 | amb 

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    I just wanted to add something small that can be a lifesaver in the situations where an emergency arises and the submissive need to extricate herself from bondage. I find having a sub cut ropes etc when bound very difficult especially if her hands are bound. I prefer to have a panic snap built into the bondage in an easy to reach place for both sub and Dom. They are inexpensive and easy to find online.

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