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      In the “Escape Plan” topic, I had mentioned I have a safety hook knife in the event that my partner needs to be extricated quickly from a bondage scene. It was mentioned that some people did not know of this and would like to know more. I decided to start a new topic on this so it wasn’t buried in another post. I got mine on Amazon.


      Mine is from a company called Gerber, who make great quality knives. The design of the knife allows for you to pull the knife easily through the ropes to cut them easily, yes I’ve done this once as a test myself. The hook design allows for you to safely slid the hook under the rope, as the knife is placed in the crook of the hook. All that will touch your partner is a plastic case that is smooth to the touch. The one I ordered came with a belt case, so I could keep it handy but it was out of the way.

      I was made aware of this knife during my attending a 3 day shabari event where most of the instructors had them. Ironically many of them were either fire and rescue or paramedic workers. I know there are others out there so please look around.

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      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

      Solid choice! I started out with the safety/paramedic shears and transitioned to the Benchmade version of your safety hook. I keep it on a lanyard or close when I am tying.

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