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      Sir Hermosa

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      During our play, I am almost always in control. It’s something that I think has led my Little Peach to bring us into this D/s lifestyle, and part of why she enjoys it so much.

      But that control isn’t perfect, and I inadvertently found an awesome way to feed my sub tonight.

      Don’t be afraid to lose it gentlemen.

      Let me explain. During an impromptu scene last night, all was going well. Little Peach started out in the right mindset, she didn’t miss a Sir (we’re working on that) and we had some new toys we were both learning.

      I however didn’t realize how damned impressive she would look hogtied on my bed in her new cuffs, and her nipples clamped and chained together… needless to say when she arched her back and called my name, my number was up and the rest of the scene I had imagined finished rather spectacularly early.

      Now finishing early could be embarrassing, and there were definitely other boxes I wanted to check off on our list of things to do tonight during the scene. However.

      Little Peach has the biggest, smuggest, cutest smile on her face. She was beyond pleased that she had cracked my control, and that I couldn’t hold it. She felt like the sexiest little kitten ever, because she knew that I lost it, and it was all for her. That was one O that she took from me. Heh. It’s usually a 8:1 ratio the other way.

      She snuggled in quite satisfied, and submissive, and loving, and fell almost immediately to sleep (something my Little Peach has a lot of trouble with).

      I don’t know if this can help anyone else in the community, but my Little Peach was definitely Fed tonight, and it was from something that could have possibly led me to being embarrassed or frustrated or disappointed.

      Make sure you look at things from every angle, and use whatever comes your way to help your dynamic.

      I have Avery satisfied Little Peach tonight, and she pleased me to no end with how she looked and felt. I think it’s a win-win even if our scene ended up short.

      Food for thought!

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Hermosa, thank you for your openness and perspective. It is refreshing to see how many in this community are willing to be honest and vulnerable rather than show off. I know that my Minx has taken a few Os from me over the past few months. One thing I have learned is how to audible during a scene, either letting it accelerate faster or just changing up what I had planned.

      One of our recent scenes, I expected getting Minx there would take a while but she was so amped from a day of teasing about the scene she was ready almost immediately, so the chair portion of the scene played out quite different than it did in my head.

      And those times she got one from me earlier than I had planned generally result in her getting nice attention before getting to enjoy her again, this time in my control.

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      Sir Hermosa

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      Indeed. Thanks OTW.

      Unfortunately we didn’t have the time for me to recoup for round 2 last night, so Little Peach took the TKO. Heh

      It’s such an awesome change to deliberately put the ego aside in bed and just Let. Her. Please. Me.

      I finished earlier than expected because she was pleasing me so amazingly well. We will never complain about that.

      Hopefully I have time tonight to do a revised shortened “scene-ette” incorporating her new ballgag.

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      That is the beauty of this, we can serve them well by making sure they get the rest they need or putting the focus on them because we know who will initiate and how they will respond to that initiation. Since I was under the weather last night, I was able to simply give minx a nice spanking to help her relax and put her to bed since I knew that keeping her healthy was the most important thing.

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      Sir Hermosa

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      Indeed. The whole point of all of this is looking after my Little Peach in the absolute best way I can.

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Sir Hermosa,

      There usually comes a time in the dynamic when the submissive authentically is fed by pleasing her Dominant. That is submission to me…

      And it feels great!

      Best wishes

      Mr. Fox

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