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     Mr. K sir 

    I have wanted a Cat ‘O Nine Tails for awhile now so I decided to make one. I used para cord to make mine, mainly because I have a ton of it and because I wanted it to be made out or rope, a throw back to the original Cats. The tails are 4 strains round braid with the ends melted together to add a little bit os sting at the tips. The handle is a simple tight wrap around the end of the tails, I kept the braid very tight for the first 6 inches to use this section for the handle, once the handle was done I loosened the braids to allow for more flexibility in the tails. Total length is 25inches, 6 inch handle and 19 inch tails, for me its the perfect length to maintain easy control and hit right where you want every time.

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     Sir OTW | AMB 

    I am interested in making one of these, how do you melt the tips in such a way that they won’t be sharp or cut?

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     Mr. K sir 


    For the tips I heated up both ends of the same color cord and pressed them together, as it started to cool I rolled the melt between my fingers to round the melt. I then repeated with the other 2 ends. If the melt cools to fast just reheat and repeat. As long as you make sure there is a nice round bead you should be good. I have never broken skin using this method, and I have made several tool using para cord.

    Mr. K sir

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     Sir OTW | AMB 

    Nice, thanks for the clear explanation.

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    Mr K Sir,


    Thank you for sharing your project… Very talented.

    Mr. Fox

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