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      I wanted to share a three day event that I created for Darling as an example of how I’m workshopping certain “soft limits” and especially of how I’m approaching humor in our dynamic. I’ve found humor to be very important and will probably create a topic about that in Dominant’s Discussion as well. But for now…

      The Cumtathlon!

      You know, like triathlon. Tex suggested cumathon, but I decided on the former because I wanted it to invoke the feel of a sporting event.

      Why did we do the Cumtathlon? Ok, it’s a bit of an explanation, but I want to share it, as it proved to be a very effective means of achieving our goals.

      My Darling has had anxiety regarding the potential cum-shot and/or swallowing elements of oral sex for years. Over the last few months, I have slowly been teaching her all kinds of fun tricks for the actual blow job itself, and she has reacted very positively to receiving guidance of this nature. She has told me many times that she likes being directed in the moment. Furthermore, I was surprised that some of the “crazier” things I came up with (a little bit porn star) she was totally game for. So she has opened up. I also made a point to tell her that she no longer need feel as if she’s bad at it, even if whatever I am telling her to do is not making me super hard, because as long is she is following my lead, she is making me 100% happy. These things have really helped her comfort level in general. This leads up to what precipitated the Cumtathlon.

      According to her Submissive questionnaire, she ranked receiving a cum-shot on her breasts as a “soft limit.” In our dynamic, what this means is that she is still open to exploring it, but I must approach her about it and discuss it with her at least one week in advance. So, after months in which we didn’t push soft limits at all, I decided to tackle one, and this one seemed manageable. She agreed to try it, and last weekend, we got to it with one caveat: she was not comfortable actually bringing me off herself due to concerns with aim. So I “handled” it the first time, and when all was said and done, she was surprisingly positive about it, saying even that she liked that part of our evening.

      Now, since this is all part of her learning her basic blow-job form (you know, like kungfu or something), I had to devise a way to get her comfortable with aiming while using her own hands to get me off. So I came up with the Cumtathlon, a three part sporting event based around aiming cum. We competed in all events as a team, and she scored points which she redeemed for prizes at the end.

      Before I describe the events, let me say that this was a huge success. It was supposed to be playful, somewhat ridiculous, and fun. At the same time, it was to acquaint her more with aiming my cum in general, and familiarize her more with details regarding angle, amount, etc. She loved it! She actually told me during the first event that this was one of her favorite “scenes” yet. It was also just incredibly absurd and funny. We laughed our asses off. I even laughed while cumming. All of this combined to make her feel very comfortable, and we have basically overcome this soft limit (pun intended).

      Event #1 – X-Country and the Long Shot

      We walked the course first then had at it.

      -In the starting room, warm up by making out
      -Then jog to the next room, get down on all fours, do 3 crawling laps around the room, then 69 for a couple minutes
      -Next, jog to the living room couch, crawl across the couch, brace against the piano while I get under her and eat her out
      -Jog to the kitchen, brace against the counter, 3 quick swats on the ass
      -Jog to the bedroom, brace against the bed, fuck
      -Long Shot: I stand over a large, heart shaped target made of multiple sheets of paper with numbers written on them. She jerks me off onto the target, any sheet that she gets cum on, she scores points equal to the number written on the sheet.

      Event #2 – Sex Toy Relay and Shot Put

      -Start in bed, warmup by making out
      -Ladies first: she crawls along a blanket padded pathway out of the room and down the hall to a tray of sex toys, taking the first one for her, and crawls back to bed
      -In bed, a timer is set for two minutes, and we both pleasure ourselves with whatever sex toy we currently have or hands
      -When the timer goes off, it is my turn to crawl to the sex toy tray and return with my item, all the while, she continues pleasuring herself
      -We repeat this procedure until all sex toys have been cycled through
      -If she cums, she scores bonus points (she managed it twice, good girl)
      -Afterwards, we stand and she is confronted with an array of different sized cups, from large plastic water bottle to small shot glasses. Each is labeled with different number of points. She scores points for whichever glasses she can get my cum in.

      She picked a midsize shot glass for a decent amount of points but when I started blasting she froze up and couldn’t switch to another glass. We laughed so damn hard during this one. Hilarious.

      Event #3 – Marksmanship

      -I draw targets on her breasts and one below her neck
      -Pretty simple, we practice our blow job form, with me guiding her
      -She holds her breasts under one arm, finishing me with the other hand, saying “Please Mr. will you cum all over me.”
      -She scores 15 points for getting cum on a target center, 10 for the middle ring, and 5 for the outer ring.

      By the time we got to this event, she handled it like a champ. Oh, and I provided her with protective glasses just in case. She cracked up. She is no longer intimidated by this act, and walked away after exchanging points for a session of wand use for herself (she is not usually allowed to operate it), a full body massage administered by me, and ice cream on me. Not bad at all!

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      Perfect fun! Made me laugh.

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      Mr. Shade

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      Brilliant. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Olympics season. That was very creative and what a great way to create a good feeling for a soft limit. Kudos to you

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      Fantastic imagination, well done!

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      I love this idea. It made me smile the whole time I was reading.


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