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      Sir Ed/AMB

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      Just checking in with everyone. The days and weeks ahead are going to be trying for everyone across the world. I am asking that everyone reply to this post to let us know how you are doing and where you are located. If we can coordinate it maybe we can plan a day and time when a lot of us could get on chat. Anything to keep our minds off the current state of affairs.

      As far as Marie and myself, we are doing good. Plenty of supplies and we are staying home. We are down in the San Antonio area. Of course I am more of a homebody and Marie is more of a social butterfly. I am sure she is not quite enjoying this staying home as much as me. LOL.

      Best regards, Sir Ed

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      We are doing well. Since we live out in the middle of nowhere, Vermont we have a slight advantage that we can at least get outside. We have been trying to keep connected with friends and family on various platforms. Just last night we simultaneously watched a movie with some friends of ours via Netflix.

      Good luck everyone. Take this time to learn new skills and enjoy your family.

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      Mhac Tíre

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      We are doing good as well. Trying to hang the best we can. Work is still going strong, so there’s a plus(third shift plant life). We are in between 2 major cities (Huntsville and Birmingham) in Alabama. It’s been lookin pretty sketchy since it all started. Hang in there yall.

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      Sir Tomcat

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      Great idea. We have been absent for far too long but getting back into a groove now that the love is settled out, and I’ve hired someone else on my team at work to take some stress off my plate.

      Hope all are well and healthy. I would love to get back to the Saturday morning coffees!

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      The Director

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      Doing good here also. Sloth is a bit wigged out about the virus and staying clean when we are at home but we are working through it. during down time due to COVID-19, sloth and I organized all of our “Toys / Tools”, wow we had a lot more than I thought. lol

      Wishing everyone well and safe from the madness.

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      Staying strong in North Texas. My work has been declared essential, and K works from home. So finances are in order. Even dropped a couple hundred on a home gym so we can keep working out. Hope you guys are all staying safe.

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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

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      Hey guys.

      I’m pretty much working everyday, and I’m front line in the “hot room” with confirmed covid patients at the hospital. So arguably I probably have it. Lol

      That being said, I’m not symptomatic, all the family is healthy, and I’ve been able to actually enjoy the time with Peach as I’m on days, and had an extra 4 hrs yesterday.

      Hope everyone is doing well. Look after yourselves. Be smart and actually social distance. Don’t “oh I’ll just visit Bill. He’s fine. It’s only 1 person”. Don’t be stupid people. Take it from someone who works with this virus every single day. Be smart. Do as the experts tell you. If you want REAL information get it from the world health organization.

      Cheers and stay safe

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Sir Ed,

      Thanks for beginning such a wonderful thread.

      I am glad to learn that everyone is doing well.

      I have been on the road for 8 days tomorrow. lk was joking about quarantining me in the garage prior to entering the house. However, I am only home for a few days so that isnt going to work well.

      Both of our children are at home with lk, safe and healthy.

      Today my company put out an email saying that they are looking for roughly 40% of our pilots to volunteer for an unpaid LOA. This morning I ferried my airplane to a large city where I was surprised to see approximately 50 or more of our jets parked. That is only about 10% of our fleet but they were all just parked. It is sobering to see that sort of thing and read an email that suggests that we are today 40% overstaffed.

      As of today, we are all good…

      I will be spending a lot more time and energy on husDOM in the near future. It isn’t because I don’t have anything else to do, on the contrary. I want to create a resource for others to find support from one another and to come out the other side of this a better person.

      Best wishes

      Mr Fox

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Thanks for starting this. Minx and I are doing well. My work is getting hit hard but so far I still have a job and the clients we support are at least partially still functioning.

      We are decently stocked and have already been pretty locked down for a week so new orders recently don’t affect us much.

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      Mr. RCI

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      Ms. jen and I are healthy, as well as the kids who were excited that they got time off from school. Their enthusiasm dropped with the online school that was quickly established and the long list of chores that Dad’s seem to be able to invent within a moments notice.

      Washington State just declared a complete lockdown. Thankfully, we are in the Easrern part of Washington, separated by mountains from the city where it seemed to first gain traction.

      Surreal. The word that springs from my mind as I look around at empty streets and parking lots. It seems like life has geared back into slow motion and a heavy, suffocating haze creeps across our lands, killing those that are vulnerable, and incapacitating many. Despite all that we have, despite all our advances, despite all our riches, mother nature sends us reminders how easily we can be brought to our knees.

      So, I echo the sentiments and sage advice already shared, take the time to enjoy your family, friends and neighbors. Turn off the TV, the video games, the phones and pull out a board game or a deck of cards and get to know the people who are hunkered down next to you.

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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

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      Dude I played crokanole with the kids yesterday. 😉 enjoy them

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      My Belle and offspring are doing great. A couple of my kids already had online school, so this is not affecting their schedule. The other three are getting used to an online format. My oldest son, who has Autism, seems the most confused at times by this new norm. He will ask when it will be time to go to school again. Right now there is no answer so we just let him know too many people are getting sick so we stay home so we do not get sick also.

      Both my main job and Belle’s can be or are done online so there is no interruption there. My car rental business will be dead for a time as of this coming month. The Lord has been good to me and I have saved the profits from the last four months so I have a little over a quarter year of insurance and car payments saved. If that is not enough I am sure there will be flexibility by then with lenders and insurance companies.

      For sure doing my best to take advantage of the closer proximity to my kids and Belle’. We are a video game family so we interact with that medium. Also this last Sunday we played Jackbox through Zoom with Belle’s side of the family who are scattered across different states. It was like a virtual family reunion. So much fun. 🙂

      I look forward to also developing additional skills and becoming a better person at the end of this. There is always opportunity in what many may see as chaos.

      Live Abundantly

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      Sir Ed, thanks for starting this, and to all of you who have posted.

      Here in Central Oregon, we’re in full shutdown mode now, which means that instead of having the house to myself for work all day, there are 4 or 5 of us here. Sabrina and I still have our jobs and I’m grateful for that. Now that we’re adjusting to the temporary new normal, and have prepared as much as we can, we are looking to focus more on our dynamic to distract from the daily grind. I have more access to her with her not working – but then again, privacy is gone and we also can’t really do our “staycations” or mini-vacations as we like. Were even thinking of heading up the road to see some Husdom friends one day this Spring Break, but that’s out.

      Looking forward to the next group chat.


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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

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      How are we all this week?

      Works starting to get nuts in the emerge, but so far healthy. Praying for all of us mates.

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      My thoughts and prayers are with you all, folks.

      We’re still doing fine. Here in the middle of Germany most of our people accept the rules of distancing and hygiene, wearing masks and working in homeoffice where possible, for several weeks now. Life is still far from normal, everything has become slower. One don’t even flips out any more when you have to wait in line for an hour something to get into a drugstore or supermarket, actually you just adapt to it. And my work is kinda essential too, therefor we’re not in trouble at all. The mindset is: Life is beautiful. Just follow the basic rules and survive, and help others in this where you can.

      Keep calm and stay positive.

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