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      My Dea came to me and informed me she is curious about canes and would like to try it. Canes were on her hard limit list so this surprised me. I have never been interested in caning her but I am will to try it if it’s something she wants to experience. My question is what is a good cane choice for our first one that won’t break the bank incase she doesn’t like it. She does like impact play and we have used floggers, paddles a crop and my hand. Thanks for any help.

      Mr. K sir

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      I really enjoy using canes on my sub and she enjoys being on the receiving end. More specifically I like rhythmic caning with thicker canes. This style uses the portion of the cane closer to your hands in a way that is more thuddy than stingy. Using this method is a really good way to warm up the skin and muscles for more intense impact play but on its own feels like a massage. My cane material of choice is ratan.

      I have not yet ordered from here but the next time I plan to make my own I will probably get the ratan from this site:

      Link has been removed do to TOS.

      One thing to remember is that the thinner the cane the more stingy it will be. If you have any questions feel free to message me. I would be happy to help.

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      Oh, I have a great one if your sub likes stingy. Have any old graphite golf clubs you don’t need anymore? Take the club end off, sand that end down, and take it easy when you start out so that you can get a really good sense of how to use it and where the limits are. It is VERY easy to hit that limit accidentally with a cane.

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