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      Has anyone used them? Pros, cons. Are they dangerous? What should I look for?
      They have been requested as a cutiosity. BIG stepping point. Any input helps.

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      Basic | Dominant

      I would like to know as well. I’ve used remote control vibrating eggs. The ones with multiple tiny batteries have been a disappointment and I had sworn off of them until I found one that takes AAA batteries. It’s more reliable and a lot more cost-effective since the batteries are cheaper and have other uses (TV remotes, etc).

      What do you want to accomplish with the ben wa balls? I know they’ve been around for decades and probably much longer.

      Kind regards,

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      Just another means of pleasure for mine. Add to the stimulation. She has a curiosity about them, after reading of their use, so I want to know how to use them and how safe they are.

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      I have a ben wah ball, and have used it once. After reading about them, the biggest concern seemed to be the materials that they’re made of. I went with a pure silicone one of a medium-light weight. Picked it up at a CVS or Rite-Aid or something similar locally.

      The one time I tried it was during play. I needed more lube for insertion as she wasn’t quite ready and we were doing too many other things for her to really notice/enjoy it.

      Next time I play with it will be as a build-up/tease. I’m going to have her insert it and wear it around – about the house, as we run errands, etc. The point will be for her to feel and be aware of it, so that she’s thinking about herself down there.

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      Hello WG,

      we use ben wah balls quite regularly – wouldn’t call them dangerous. As with every toy you have to be careful when choosing the material. In my oppinion two materials are great. Best choice is surgical steel because it is easy to clean and even disinfect by boiling it. Unfortunately they are quite cold and have to be warmed in advance. The second is silicone, harder to clean but another material that does not absorb or interact with the most common fluids and … you may encounter when playing. Pay attention to the lube.
      The balls itself are good for training. They can strengthen her musculature – think of squirting or if she cramps during her O’s. Its often recommended for women after giving birth. Attention – wearing them too long can lead to muscle soreness/ache. I very often use these training parts as foreplay where I pay attention to her behind – givin a soft slap such that the balls vibrate. During play I don’t like them. They are simply blocking the way ….

      I would recommend getting a pair. Make sure they have a string attached to unplug them easily. I like the non-electric version in which smaller balls, that can move freely, are inside the visual ones. This leads to vibration when moving.

      Have fun

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        Thanks for the thorough response, as slways. This helps alot.

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      Basic | Dominant


      I would recommend Luna beads. They come in two different sizes or weights. To train, I would have MLT wear one light ball for as long as she could during the day as it works the muscles and they get tired. Once she was able to wear the one light ball all day at work, I then switched to the single heavier ball and repeated the process. Once she was able to wear the heavier ball all day I switched out the single heavier ball for two lighter balls and repeated the process. Then I added one light ball and one heavier ball and repeated the process. Once she was able to wear these two all day I then switched to the two heavier balls and started the process over again until I had her wearing two of the heavier balls at the same time all day while she was working. I had her wear theses all day everyday and would only remove to fill her.

      I did this training to give her a full feeling. The need to feel full over a period of time and strengthen her muscles as weak muscles lead to urinary problems later with age, peeing ones self when laughing, yes it happens….

      I choose Luna beads because of the different weight I could add as well as the material. They are easy to clean as I simply boiled them. When I boiled them I would put a face cloth in the bottom of my pot so that when they bounced around as they where boiling they would not become deformed and stay round.

      I would not recommend actual Ben wa balls made of metal as I have read about them rusting in reviews. Make sure you pick a material that is not porous as it will hold bacteria.

      Also boiling does not kill all bacteria that lead to urinary track infections so you will need a good toy cleaner to be used before you boil. I boiled mine at least twice a week and cleaned with toy cleaner after each use.

      When using any insertion your biggest threat is urinary track infections. During my usage of a few different products including Luna beads MLT developed a few urinary track infections and this is the reason I stopped using Ben wa balls and Luna beads and such products. I was very diligent on cleaning them but in the end she would develop infections every few months.

      I have since stopped using such products and now to train MLT’s pussy, when I’m filling her, I have her loosen up on my thrust in and tighten up on my pull out. It feels great for both and works well.

      As for the full feeling training now, that’s a different discussion……..

      Best regards,

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      Mister L

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      We use several different sets/versions of Ben wa balls at different times, and little pet is very fond of different ones in different contexts. They were one of our earlier core toys/tools, so we have branched out into different sets over the years and now in a D/s-M dynamic I use them very intentionally.

      For starters, lp wears some type of “weight” (easy generic term we use for them) every day. Every day. They have health benefits as well, so that’s nice, but the constant reminder they bring is the main reason for them.

      My go-to day to day set (since I also choose the weight and lead in the implementing daily) is the Claspura set by Veilnilla. The reason for this is several fold —- it’s a 5 piece set so you can adjust weights (ranges from 30g to I think 115g), and occasionally I’ll even have two of the 5 in operation at once. That can be a very interesting day! But the other thing on this set is that each piece is seamless between weight/ball and the retriever, so getting them in and out is a snap.

      We also have an Adam and Eve set with 2 “slings” or holders, 1 of them holds one ball, one can hold two, and the set came with 4 balls — 2 small, a medium and a large. At first lp would struggle to go more than a few hours with a single small or medium. Now, she can wear the medium and large simultaneously, no problem. And unlike the 5 piece set, these are the type with internal motion in each ball —- so these are the choice in DT or evening/prescene contexts. Even use them in scenes and sometimes with extra weight attached on top, which she loves.

      Hope this helps.

      All the Best,
      Mister L

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      I use these with Jade as well. She has a daily routine for certain amounts of time. We do not use them during play, but they help build those muscles for sexual activity and general health and wellness. We use the 6 weight system from Intimate Rose and have found the material easy to clean and easy to insert. It serves as a reminder during the day that her sex is mine and she needs to keep it in good condition for me.

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