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      Mr. K sir

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      The past 6 months have seen me on a steady downward trajectory, not my dynamic, just me. I have done everything I can to maintain my leadership and feed my sub while at the same time refusing to let her feed my needs and in doing so I have been hindering her ability to fully submit to me. That all ends today. It all started slowly, so slowly I didn’t even notice it happening. By the time I realized something was wrong it was to late, or so I thought, it became habit, the new norm. Vanilla with a twist turned into more vanilla with less twist, I felt like anything more would be forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do, I forgot to let the system we have in place do its job and instead started overthinking everything again. The same things started going through my head that did when we started “ How can I do this to the woman I love”, “Husbands don’t do these things to their wife” the list goes on. I tried to “reinvent” myself here hoping a small change would bring about a bigger change, but that didn’t help. It took a lot of soul searching, self-reflection and a phone call from a true friend to see what needs to be done; I need to get back to the basics. My dynamic is going on 2 years now so “basic” for me will not really be basic, but the principle still stands, I need to Dom up and take back what is mine, her.

      Like I said I am going back to the “basics” and doing so with both barrels blazing.

      Mr. K sir

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Glad to hear you are ready to let her serve and feed you again. What is her response to this reset?

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Mr. K Sir,

      While you are being honest with yourself lets be honest…

      A D/s-M dynamic is about leadership and followership, not one or the other. So if your leadership has been suffering, so has your entire dynamic. It would be impossible for one half to be on a downward trajectory while the whole is functioning properly.

      Your story probably has plagued every Dominant that has been a similar journey, if they were, to be honest. The difference to your story than countless others is that you have also Dommed up before it was too late. You recognized what was happening to you and your dynamic and you have snapped yourself out of the haze.

      Welcome back!

      Mr. Fox

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