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      This is what was posted on the subMrs site.

      We wanted to make every husDOM, Dominant husband and subMrs, submissive wife’s Thanksgiving a little more fun & kinky every year. How better than doing a Spanks-giving Challenge. Thomas the turkey must have been a Dominant as he wants some payback and is DEMANDING again we do the spanks-giving challenge.

      Remember in elementary school when you would do your hand-print turkey art? Well, this year we challenge D/s-M couples to make their own “Spanks-giving” art. This is done with your Sir giving you a hand spanking on your ass. A single good hand print is hard to achieve and may take a few tries to get it just right. Now, to win the award in this challenge you’ll need to get creative. You must make your print look like the old turkey art ofyour long lost school days. Wood Spoons, Feathers, markers, and glitter…. Get sexy creative couples! Send in your pictures to by December 3rd. These images should show your work, but NOT TOO MUCH of your work! NO FACES! Your images become property of once submitted! Good luck couples!

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