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      So, I didn’t create from scratch, but I figure out an easy yourself improvement.

      When the rubber tip came off the side used to open, I noticed it was a one-piece stamping with the ends formed by being folded over. So I removed side that does the clamping, and sure enough, the folded ends are where the clamping pressure takes place. To me, this seemed like it would create intense pressure on the narrow edges for the wearer. Granted, the rubber tips help alleviate it a great deal, but I can imagine over several minutes, the wearer is feeling those edges more and more. To spread the force more evenly, I took a 2 part epoxy filler (in my case I bought it on a familiar online seller for another project, but you could probably something up at a local hardware store or automotive store), to fill in the gap. Then I reinstalled the tips. Hopefully this will improve comfort.

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