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      Here is a letter I sent to my LP
      I wanted to get her into the mood of a scene I had planned for the evening…


      I told you I would let you know what to expect the next time I had the time to continue your training 😉

      Here’s what I expect of you.
      We’re going to start in the playroom, and I’m going to tell you to be Kneeling beside ottoman.

      I’m going to instruct you to get dressed in something that will please me, but leaves you feeling a little vulnerable for me.

      Cuffs. Heels. Stockings. Collar.

      While you get dressed, I’m going to go downstairs and wash and put on some cologne for you 🙂

      We might put on some music. I havnt decided yet 🙂

      When I come back upstairs I’ll expect you to be attired as instructed and kneeling on your hide, bent over the ottoman.

      I’m going to cuff your hands to the legs of the ottoman accross from you, and tie your knees/legs to the posts closest to you. Tied down to my leather bench.

      I going to start gently with you… I’m going to crop your back and arse. Presented up to me. I want your constant feedback on 1-10 how much you can handle. I don’t want you to get above 8.

      Your going to get lots of touches, lots of kisses, and lots of praise if you please me darling. I want to find your limits and what you think is sexy-painful, rather than TOO-painful..

      Good girls get rewarded…

      Sitting on ottoman next I’m going to Cuff your ankles to legs of ottoman. Leave hands free. Your going to Touch my hair and face. You will NOT be allowed to take your hands hands off me.

      Then I’m going to put Bloom in, and set it to 10.. and I’m going to start kissing. From your knees up to your sex. My little Peach, and your going to cum with your hands in my hair.

      When you can’t handle any more I’m going to take those hands, and cuff them to the ottoman behind you so that it arches your back, and then I’m going to attach that collar to the ceiling. Not too tight, just to keep your head back and chin up. You won’t be able to see what I’m doing next…

      I’m going to take your crop again and play accross your front. Your breasts need smooth touches from that leather, and snapping cracks of spanks. Your sides, your thighs, and gently… so gently on your little wet pussy.

      You need to keep telling me how far you want to go.

      Once you can’t handle anymore, and want to beg me for that big cock to fill your little pussy, I’m going to undo your collar… and tie your hands to the ceiling..

      I’m going to leave those ankles cuffed to the ottomans legs, and your hands cuffed to your hook up high, and I’m going to sit under you, fill you with me, and you are going to ride my big hard shaft until you please me.

      Can’t wait to play… my Little Peach.

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