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      After this mornings shower I instructed My Sweet Wench to kneel and suck me. I then told her she would need to go into our room and suck me three more times before 3:00 this afternoon to receive a prize at bedtime. She would have to find time to do so on her own, and get me into the bedroom to accomplish them, all while accomplishing our normal daily chores and activities. If she was successful with this then her prize is a Lover Lift. If she is able to make me cum during one of the sessions then she will get to have sex tonight.

      She was successful by 2:00.

      Until recently she has been very timid about oral sex and her gag reflex has been a concern. She has said she really enjoys this now, and calls it her “special Dom time”. I can say, her skills have greatly improved and she always walks away with the little smile I love.

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      I love this idea, I’m definitely going to use this. I think I am going to set a timer for less time than I know I can hold out from my sottos oral skills, if she can not successfully make me cum she will be required to edge for me upon each failure. On certain, special days, I will allow her to beat me and make me cum, with her reward being a special night of playing.

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