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      Frog Prince

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      My lovely Ali’i and I tend to begin our scene with a variety of foreplay and I come up with fun ways for her to warm me up with her hands, mouth, etc…and so far it has been very directive (which has been great)…and this time I wanted to shake things up with a very simple game.

      I started this scene telling her to pick two numbers between 1 and 5. Then I told her the first number was the number of senses she could use to explore my body…and the second number was the number of minutes she had to explore.

      Once that was finished, I asked her to pick two more numbers…the first between 0 and 5…and the second between 1 and 10… which the first number was how many times I would edge her and the second was how long she would have to stay on the edge before allowing her to enjoy her O’s…

      Yes it can easily be played with dice…though I have to admit, it was a lot of fun witnessing the uncertainty in her eyes and voice as she picked her numbers… and then asking “are you suuuure that’s your final answer.” The accompanying nervousness as she didn’t know what to expect…wondering if she had chosen too high or too low…

      It is easy enough and will be lots of fun to add more categories as time goes on to keep her wondering what is in store…

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      Basic | Dominant

      Good morning Frog Prince,
      I love playing games with my beautiful sotto, and am thankful for you sharing yours. It’s always fun keeping them on their toes.

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