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    Hello Gents,

    I came up with this after Sir described a game he enjoys.

    I started the day before with an explanation of the game.
    at 6pm she will receive 10 hard smacks.
    From 6am to 6pm, she can reduce the number of smacks by sucking cock using the following rules.
    -She has thirty seconds from when she starts, to get the cock in her mouth, otherwise, voided attempt.
    -Sir can stop the cock sucking at any time during the activity
    -Sir will block the attempt if the sub is interrupting something he’s doing
    -She can initiate a second attempt 30 minutes after each successful or failed attempt
    -If she makes 10 successful attempts, no smacks and an O as a reward.

    My sub liked the idea, and went after it with a vengeance. She manged to get all 10 attempts in by 3p, with only 4 blocked attempts. I let her “complete” her attempts twice, and stopped her after a few minutes on the others.

    It was very fun, and made her plan her attempts and stalk me all the day. It was fun to turn around from the fridge with a jug of ice tea to have her already on her knees struggling with my pants. That one was voided, but made me laugh.

    All in all, a very fun day.



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    Glad you where able make a fun game you both can enjoy!

    Myself and MLT enjoy playing games and this one I may have to use….sounds like a game a greedy little cock sucker would love to play!

    Best regards,

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    I have some thoughts to add to your game to spice things up if you choose to play the game again. Of course these are my preference of a good BJ, but you can see with the rules listed below I’m training at the same time, so make your own rules up to your preference of course, if you choose to go this route…..

    – sub needs to be on her knees with hands behind back in boxed position or while performing must be on her knees rubbing her pussy.
    – when sucking the tongue needs to come out on a down stoke and lick the balls.
    – enthusiasm needs to take place and moaning while sucking.
    – a head nodding “yes” motion while sucking.
    – spit is to be hanging off my balls during sucking, I want to see a puddle on the floor.
    – when I instruct that your finished, a proper mouth clean up of cock and balls is to be performed.

    Again just some thoughts…..make it fun!

    Glad to hear you two had fun with your game. I love the part where you mention she was stalking you and went at it with a vengeance!

    Best regards,

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      I like it! Those are some good additions.

      Thanks Sir!

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    Great game, sounds fun. How about allowing her to play with herself, and if she can get herself off before you or before you stop the session, she is allowed to cum. If not, try, try, again.
    Thanks for sharing,

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