Just a few lines to let others know how much I enjoyed the couples retreat this last August.
I figured Wench and I would be among the oldest if not the oldest couple there. We were the oldest ones there and also the couple married the longest of those there. While at the retreat we celebrated our 44 anniversary.
We arrived a little early and were made to feel very welcome. I had chatted, texted, and talked to Mr. Fox for almost 5 years but this was the first time we had met face to face. It was like meeting someone who was already an old friend.
As we met each new couple it was almost instant comradery, we all had one great thing in common and that was the D/s-M dynamic.
The workshops were great, informative and interesting. Just a little too short on time.  After the yoni massage my wench lay her head on my shoulder and quietly cried for a time, not sad tears but tears of release. This was a powerful feeling for a Dom to witness. The flogging workshop was very informative and I still can’t handle 2 at a time very well. I will keep practicing before I hurt wench too much.
One of my highlights was talking to Mr. Daw and his Darling Shay when everyone else went into town for the evening and early morning. They, I believe, were the youngest couple there and we were the oldest. Almost 20 years different and the difference meant nothing. After we each “verified” the skinny dipping challenge we all came back inside and Shay mentioned that we had been talking for over 6 hours. During that time we have made some great friends.
The fire scene during the opening ceremony now is kind of funny but next time, LK, remember candles and feathers really don’t mix well.
The food was delicious and lots of it. I dressed as a pirate for the mideviel  dinner so I used my dagger as a eating utensil since none was provided, I did share with wench.
The slave dinner was great but the slave review afterwards was greater. Our slave waiting to be reviewed were on pins and needles.  Talk about a mind fuck.  will never forget the Rod of Power and feel the weight.
The saddest part was Monday when we had to leave, but even then we shared an uber ride to the airport with new friends Sir. Knots and Fan.
ORD and Purrl were on our flight to OHare Airport and during the reroute to Peoria airport and the delays ORD in some magical way made sure we made it to OHare  and some on the other flights made sure their luggage made it where it was suppose to go and they made their flight also.
All in all I have never met more people at one time that had so much in common yet were different in so many other ways. Hope to see them all next year.
As a side note I really don’t like big crowds and tend to stay on the fringes and not in the middle of things and one Sir made me feel right at home and not an odd ball. Thank you Sir and a big buddy slap on the back



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