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I couldn’t be more excited to finally be hosting my own podcast. Today’s Married with a Twist Podcast session is the big reveal of a project we have been working on in secret for quite some time now.

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Marriage’s Sexiest Secret



Little Kaninchen:
Greetings everyone lk here, Little Kaninchen, the founder of and creator of the married dominance is submission method, the sexiest marriage accessory.

I’m very excited today to announce that subMrs™ is launching a brand new podcast on September 30, 2020, Married with a Twist. Come fall down the rabbit hole and we will have a fabulous time discussing all things Married Dominance and submission.

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Show Notes:

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MSS002 – What is D|s-M

What is D|s-M and could it be right for you?

What is D|s-M?

D|s-M is Dominance submission for married couples.

The result of practicing D|s-M states the most important needs of every couple.

The wife, it satisfies a deep craving or hunger for intimacy or closeness with her husband.

The husband will acquire his need for the unexplained trust and respect from his wife.

D|s-M is our method that we created that brings D|s, Dominance and submission into a couple’s marriage in a consensual, and healthy manner. The methodology positively builds a marriage and is never used to damage or weaken it, giving you all that edge without you or your marriage getting cut. You’ll be working together as a team on your dynamic and individually working on your part of the D|s role.

MSS003 – Halloween & Fear | Vaginal Fisting

Special Holiday Episode, Halloween Podcast

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Halloween season! It’s my absolute favorite holiday of the whole year.

This is a two part episode with an additional bonus at the end.

Part 1:

Guests: SirJ & Star (From husDOM & subMrs)

Top Feared Sexual Technique – What is Fisting?

SirJ and Star will join Mr. Fox and Little Kaninchen in a conversation all things vaginal fisting. If you have ever been curious about or have questions or concerns regarding fisting this is the episode for you.

How to Vaginally Fist Your Partner

Part 2:

Join Mr. Fox and lk as they discuss the relationship between Halloween and Dominance and submission.

What do they have in Common?

Bonus Material:

Mr Fox and Little Kaninchen talk about their personal paranormal experience in New Orleans.

Married Dominance and submission, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret

Welcome to our Wonderland!

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submissive Positions | Kneeling

submissive Positions Kneeling – Relaxed  submissive position #1 What is the Kneeling submissive position? While in this submissive position the submissive kneels with her thighs……...

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