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Dominant Challenge

March 28, 2021 April 3, 2021 EDT

The husDOM Dominant Challenge this week is to take one small step forward in your personal health and fitness journey. Don’t try to over impress anyone with some outlandish goal, or don’t over commit yourself to something that you can’t do. Let’s just keep it simple.

What is one thing that you can do?

What small thing can you commit to… that just puts you on that path? One step into your journey.

There’s a Chinese proverb about a journey begins with the first step. Some examples of this might be if you want to lose some weight, right? Maybe you have 50 pounds to lose. But let’s begin with a small obtainable number, let’s say 10 pounds. And don’t forget to give yourself a time limit, right? So that it’s a real goal is not just a desire or a dream. If you say I’m going to lose 10 pounds with no expiration date, right? No, no timeframe in mind, it’s just a dream, you’re just saying it, it means nothing, you have to have a time limit. Again, make it realistic. If you want to lose 50 pounds, let’s shoot for 10. Let’s take that first step. Let’s give yourself a month, two months, whatever you think, but let’s set the goal. Let’s monitor this goal. And let’s achieve it. Because that’s going to build a habit. And it’s also going to build self discipline that we need in our lives.

So if you want to eat healthier, maybe cut down to one soda a day, if you drink soda. Whatever you choose to do, doesn’t matter, right? The only thing that matters about it is that it’s important to you.

Remember, don’t swing for the fences. Choose a goal that’s obtainable. Have an opportunity or create an opportunity for yourself, right, to feel the success. As well as changing and developing a habit pattern and developing your own self discipline in this area.

I would also like to encourage everybody to go inside the men’s health and fitness group on husDOM, you’ll find a discussion board called accountability. It allows you a place to enter these goals right here, make yourself accountable to the rest of the community. And you’ll have a much better chance of reaching those goals. So that’s what it’s for. Go to this accountability, discussion and whatever you have chosen that small step forward that you chose for this week’s husDOM Dominant Challenge. I challenge you to put it in there, if it was the 10 pounds or the soda or whatever that goal is for you, whatever that small step forward is for you, I challenge you go into that accountability discussion, and just write down what it is.

There’s something powerful about sharing your goals with others. That’s one of the things that makes our community so powerful. When you put that out there to other people, you’ll feel accountable to those other people. It will also be a real goal, you’ve written it down. It’s almost tangible, instead of just something floating around in your mind. So I’m looking forward this week to seeing what everybody chooses to do.

If you post your goal in that accountability discussion, I will personally answer it on husDOM. I’ll see you there