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Mentor Q&A with Mr. Fox

July 31, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 4:00 pm EDT

**********THIS IS A PREMIUM MEMBER CHAT**********

TOPIC: Mentor Q&A with Mr. Fox

DESCRIPTION: The husDOM Mentoring Q&A is an opportunity to have direct access to an experienced Dominant, a husDOM. Members can come and ask anything that they wish, whether it is something that is currently posing a challenge in their D/s-M relationship or something that they have been wondering about and are searching for clarity. Our mentors will do their best to offer knowledge and insight gained from their personal experience obtained during their journey. Our mentors will not be able to answer all of the questions asked but others may have experience and are welcome to join in the conversation. The husDOM mentoring Q&A is one of the most valuable tools offered to our community of Dominants, please take full advantage of the collective wisDOM.

HD005 - How to establish confidence as a Dominant husband.

__________About the Host__________

Mr. Fox is the founder of husDOM and continues to learn and grow in his dynamic by participating with the membership.

submissive: Little Kaninchen (lk)

Characteristics: lk calls me the dry and her the moist. I am more often serious and business-oriented, she is more playful and fun.
Attributes: Takes pride in leadership and consistency in life.
Favorite Tool: Hand
Favorite Impact Implement: Slapper crop
Favorite Punishment Type: The Mother Fucker – appropriately named by lk
Favorite Position: Tied and bound
Favorite Scene Scenario: Chair Scene

*** These same attributes can be filled out in each member’s profile. If you are not familiar with how to accomplish this, ask an ambassador.

Mr Fox D/s Mentor Coach


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