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      These terms are not as interchangeable as they might seem at first. They all have some cross-over, but they all mean slightly (or not so slightly) different things.

      “Submission” is defined as “The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.” For this discussion submission is the act or state of the submissive voluntarily giving up some level agency to the dominant and allowing the dominant (a husDom, for this discussion) to fly the plane, to borrow Mr. Fox’s metaphor. In our world, submission is a conscious, active choice, which can

      “Submissive” is defined as being “Ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive.” In other words, a submissive is a person who is under the command or control of someone else . The submissive is expected to follow the commands of the husDom.

      Now, “sub-space” is something completely different, as far as I understand it. I’ve never experienced it myself, so I can only go on what I have heard from others. Be that as it may, sub-space has all of the hallmarks of an altered state of consciousness, similar to trance work, deep meditation, religious ecstasy, a good drug high, etc. My suspicion is that sub-space is at least partially due to a flood of endorphins in the brain, similar to the so-called runners’ high. It stands to reason that there is an equivalent high on the dominant side, as well, but I don’t think that I’ve ever reached anything close.

      I was talking with my subMrs, NymphKitten, the other day regarding sub-space, and it seems that she’s only been in that state twice. Each time involved what she describes as being completely sensorily (is that a word?) overwhelmed. What she described to me sounded like her mind essentially short circuited and made it so that she couldn’t process anything other than the physical sensations.

      I want to be able to get her there more often, and especially more reliably, mostly for my own satisfaction, but also for her enjoyment. It’s a control thing: I want to be able to control her descent into sub-space essentially at will. However, I don’t currently have a good grasp on how do to that.

      Does your subMrs get to sub-space regularly?

      How do you take her there? (Yes, I know, every woman is different and what works for one might not work for another)

      How are you able to recognize the outward signs as she starts down that path?

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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

      My Little Peach will hot subspace occasionally with impact play, during hard bondage. If she is completely restrained, and the impact play keeps ramping up and she can’t move to deal with it, she will occasionally start to slip into sub-space.

      More frequently, she will hit subspace when we are doing breath play. This is not something any couple new to this kind of play should try for. Breath play for obvious reasons can be quite dangerous. However during our play I aim to get Little Peach into that “tunnel vision/grey out” state of almost unconsciousness. Where her world shrinks down to just the headboard in front of her, or my face above her, and everything else disappears. When I can hold her there she pretty much instantly goes into subspace.

      For my Little Peach sub-space looks like a blank slate. She can’t speak beyond a couple words, her brain kinda kicks a breaker. She doesn’t want to move (other than her hips 😉 ) and fairly instantly follows all commands without thought. It is a very powerful, but extremely vulnerable state.

      I have had her come out of subspace 3 different ways. Usually she comes out completely sated. Exhausted, limp, smiling. Occasionally she comes out wanting more. A little upset with herself that she came out “too early”. And I have had her drop out of it once quite hard. She safeworded instantly and couldn’t make her brain figure out why she was cuffed and being fucked so hard.

      Once things were settled down and she was snuggled in we had a good laugh about that one. She couldn’t even remember her safeword so she just started yelling OUT! Thankfully I knew she was in a bad way just by the way she was pulling and fighting her restraints, so I was already uncuffing her at that point.

      My experiences. Yours will differ 🙂

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