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      Basic | Dominant

      Hello Gentlemen,

      I so appreciate this forum. I have posted a few times over the past months and hope I have also offered some assistance to all of you.

      My wonderful sub/wife and I are having such an incredible time with our dynamic. It has taken us places we never would have dreamed of going when we got together over 20 years ago. With all things, those dynamics evolve. AND, that means I have to stay one step ahead of the evolution. This started as some playing time here and there and has become a 24/7 lifestyle for us. A few months ago, she willfully gave me ownership of her body. Truthfully, it caught me off guard when the subject came up and I tested it a few times to make sure it was what she wanted and as of now, it is. I tell her what to wear, and when and how her body will be used.

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      She is getting her hood pierced on Monday as well as a small ownership tattoo right above her pussy (that was her idea)

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      Now, some of you may not agree or appreciate this, while others may. It is part of her fantasies and although, I own her, making her fantasies come true is what this is all about. She said if it wasn’t for me “making” her do these things, she would always chicken out and never get to experience anything.

      So, here is my questions, I need a book or some other kind of guidance, like video series, audiobooks, etc. t help me continue to move forward with pushing the envelope with her. Once we fulfill all the fantasies that she has told me about, we either need to make up new ones or revisit some of the ones we have tried. However back to the evolution, that is only going to last so long. I need new fresh ideas.

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      I am a learner, so any documentation to help me think of ideas to continue to move forward would be helpful.

      Thank you Husbands,

      have a great day
      Master C

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      BigOne1960 | amb

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      While reading is a good thing in and of itself you need to be very careful with the material your read. From my experience lots of what is written is fantasy which can be very hard to live out day to day, some of what is written is downright dangerous and boarders on abuse or worse. What I can tell you is that is your read the blogs, forums and chat with the fine gentlemen here you will never be short on ideas. I hope you subMrs is a member on the subMrs site where like here there is an open exchange of ideas that can fuel some incredible times for the two of you. I wish you luck on your journey and please reach out to me or other Ambassadors if you need to discuss things.


      Darren (aKa BigOne)

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Master C,

      You have said in your thread that ‘this is only going to last so long.’ I would agree…

      As a leader, a Dominant, I would be asking myself, If this is unsustainable then what is most likely going to happen when this flame burns out? What will WE have left at that point?

      Will we both have our pride, character and integrity in tact? Will we both be satisfied with each other and proud of the things that we have done. Will there be any guilt or shame and will it be directed towards each other, especially the one in control making the decisions?

      For some maybe all of those answers are yes, and that is terrific for them. For myself that is simply too much to risk. (Risk vs. Reward)

      Personally, there are many fantasies that lk and I share that we know are better left as just that, fantasies that we can share with one another.

      Please let us know what happens when the ideas and newness wears off…

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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